Welcome to Reflections Beneath the Surface. This will be my digital notebook where I will post my thoughts on design, technology, art and possibly some other random stuff. It will function as a sketchbook where I collect the snippets that dwell in my mind. They will be rough outlines that may or not be refined […]

Get Shirty

An excellent documentary both in style and content on how the UK brand Admiral started the whole football kit replica trend in the Seventies and the economics that drive it today.


Business is shifting from what keeps the company busy to keeping consumers busy. This is the sense in which social media companies are businesses. Their clients are not the consumers. Those are the people they keep busy. Companies like Facebook are literally entertaining relationships. Time is a valuable commodity, so if you can get people […]

Early Adopters vs. Early Adapters

Companies like consumers can be early adopters. Usually they do so to find out if a certain new technology can benefit their business. But for a company adoption is more serious then for a consumer. A consumer benefits directly, because the adopted tech is used to consume a need. A company will use the adopted […]


IF machines are mechanized muscles AND computers ARE digitized decision making AND  the Internet IS a digitized nervous system THEN what is machines+computers+Internet?